Google Sitemaps: 7 Benefits That You Cannot Ignore

The submission process used to be all about telling search engines about newly created pages or websites white label google ads agency. Major search engines have stopped using this process for a very long time.

Google has relied for many years on external links to pages that they already know in order find new websites.

Google Sitemaps are the most significant development for webmasters, website owners and bloggers since RSS and Blog and Ping Google Sitemaps 7 Benefits You Can’t Ignore Articles hit the internet.

Webmasters can alert search engines about new content on their websites by using RSS, Blog and Ping. This is not the main purpose of these systems.

You’ll understand how webmasters are excited when someone finds a way to index and find your pages faster.

Google Sitemaps is a newer way to do this. It’s much easier than using an RSS feed, or setting up Blog and Ping. Blog and Ping is a way to notify the search engines that your website has new content in a matter hours.

As a website owner or webmaster, you can’t ignore Google Sitemaps. This is true even if you also use RSS and/or Ping

Google Sitemaps are designed to alert Google Search Engine crawlers and direct them to your website. RSS, Blog and Ping can be used to notify search engines indirectly. However, this is not their primary purpose.

Like most things, it is being abused. Search Engines are going to find ways to combat this abuse, just as they have done in the past with other forms of abuse.

Abusing search engines is not a strategy for the long-term. In some cases, certain abuses can result in a ban from search engine indexes.

It may occur to you that we already have meta tags on web pages which tell search engines when to return to a particular page. It’s true that the spider must first find the new webpage before it can read the tag. Meta tags have been abused by many search engines, including Google.

Search engine spiders are nothing more than computer programs that visit web sites and look for new or updated pages.