How to Prepare for Cosmetic Surgery

Patients often ask me, “Do you think I’m ready for a palstic operation?” This simple question deserves an answer that is more complicated. Plastic surgeons cannot provide answers to many important issues for potential patients.

But, the answer to this question depends on more than simply physical factors. Patients should also consider their other concerns before undergoing any type of plastic surgery. Even though many people have talked about preparing for surgery, I consider these three things to be the ‘big 3’, which are, according to my experience and opinion, the most significant.  If you’re looking for the best plastic surgery, visit The Portland Center For Facial Plastic Surgery for more information.


Research the procedures you are interested in as well as your physician(s). There are many inaccurate or misleading internet sites, but there is also a great deal of useful information. Be a student once again and ask the right questions to your surgeon. It is unrealistic to expect that your meeting with a plastic surgeon can cover everything. Don’t let others dictate your learning and understanding.

Can you actually afford plastic surgery procedures, secondly? Most economic decisions I make in my life are not based on necessity, but want. This is neither my responsibility nor ability to determine if this is the most effective way to spend money. To help them make an informed decision about their procedures, I teach economics to my patients. What is your buffer in the event of complications? If complications arise, you may incur additional expenses or require more time from your job. Consider elective cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery patients often express dissatisfaction with this aspect.

Be ready to face the fact that plastic surgery complications can occur. Not rarely. Many plastic surgery problems are easily fixed and minor. But a few of them aren’t. Like a car wreck, adverse effects are possible. The ‘other’ guy is not the only one who can be affected. It is crucial to take this into consideration psychologically. Recovery from the majority of cosmetic surgeries always takes more time than expected. This isn’t like in an article. It will take longer to recover from a surgery complication.